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A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a real location. In Falcon these are most useful for defining collection and delivery points. Once a geofence is defined, Falcon will automatically create a log when a vehicle enters and leaves that geofence. These records can then be reported on.

Falcon - Geofence

One use-case for a geofence may be a delivery point where a vehicle should stay for no longer than 1 hour. Falcon allows you to set a "wait time" on a geofence, and when that passes the vehicle is highlighted for attention.

Creating a Geofence

To access the Geofence administration page:

If you have Geofences set up already, this page will display a list of Geofence Categories allowing you to view, edit or remove.

This is the New Geofence screen:

Falcon - Geofence

From here you can draw the geofence as well as set the details.

Field Description
Geofence Name This is the name you will see displayed in reports and other areas of Falcon
Maximum Wait Time If a vehicle is in the geofence longer than the time entered here it will be highlighted on the Dashboard and on Latest Positions
Category Geofence may be grouped together by categories. This helps with administration and can also be selected on reports
Owner Site Another way to group Geofences, may be filtered in reports by this
Area Another way to group Geofences
Colour Setting a colour for a geofence can help in quickly identifying them, the colours will be shown on events on the Dashboard as well as on maps - see the screenshot above

In the screenshot above you can see there is an existing geofence in red around the motorway junction. The map here will display any existing geofences to help prevent accidental overlapping or duplication.

To draw a new Geofence:

See below for an example while drawing:

Falcon - Geofence Draw

Other options available on the map:

Example of modifying an existing geofence:

Falcon - Geofence Modify

Remember to Save your changes.


Once you have some geofences set up, and vehicles are moving through them, geofence events will be generated. These events can be looked at either through a report or through the Geofence Log utility.

Geofence Log

Access the Geofence administration page again:

To view the activity log for a Geofence Category select a Category on the left side and click 'View Log' in the Options:

Falcon - Geofence Options

To view the activity log for a specific Geofence, select a Category (or select 'No Category' if none are set up), hover over the desired Geofence and click 'View Log':

Falcon - Geofence Fence Options

The Geofence Log will now be displayed, see an example below:

Falcon - Geofence Log

The log shows the most recent events in the geofence or category. The First column identifies the event as an entry geofence entry or an exit geofence exit. The Geofence column shows the geofence name, using the colour selected as the background colour of the cell.

Any rows in green indicate that the vehicle is still inside the geofence.

Geofence Hits Report

Access the Geofence Hits Report through the Report option on the Falcon main menu.

There are a number of criteria that you may use to filter the results, you must enter a date range but you can leave the others as their default values.

See below for an example of the Goefence Hits Report output:

Falcon - Geofence Hits Report