Getting started with PreDrive

Device Requirements


Enable Auto-sync

Please tick the Auto-sync setting which allows automatic syncing of completed inspections so they're viewable on the website. Find this under:

`Settings > Users & Accounts > Automatically sync data


Settings > Accounts > Auto-sync data


Settings > Data Usage > Auto-sync Data

Sign In

Start PreDrive by tapping the app icon and then enter a Driver's User ID and PIN.

Sign In

Start a new Inspection

After you have Signed In successfully, tap Perform an Inspection to start the process.

Perform Inspection

Select the Vehicle or Trailer (or both!)

Start typing any part of the Vehicle reg or Trailer code and pick from the suggestions.

Select Vehicles

Select the Inspection to carry out

Checklist Inspections must be performed on vehicles before they can be driven.
Damage Reports are for reporting incidents.

Tap Checklist Inspection and pick one.

Select Inspection Type

The Checklist being carried out in the screenshots has all possible options enabled:

Vehicle fields

Trailer fields

The images below illustrate how this looks.

Options Options Options


This is the main Checklist. Each row is a check that is intended for the vehicle or trailer or both. Each check can be passed (ticked) or failed (crossed).


Checklist options

You can long press a check to show additional options for it at the top of the screen:

Additional options for Checks

The following icons are displayed:


Comments can be associated with a check.



Multiple photos can be associated with a check.

Photos Photos


These are fixed comments that provide extra information about a check, e.g. Repaired, Replaced, Part Ordered.

Tags List of Tags

The image below illustrates a check which has two comments, a tag and two photos recorded on it.

A completed check

These options can be applied to either a vehicle or the trailer being Inspected. Work your through the Checklist until Checklist Complete is displayed.


This Checklist has the damage option enabled so the driver can draw on a diagram and pick a description for it.
Again, you can take photos and other options by long pressing on the row.

Damage Capture


This screen allows recording of a comment.


Sign and Finish

If the driver has had to fail important checks that impact the vehicle's road-worthiness the declaration text (at the top) can read that the driver agrees NOT to drive.