Getting started with Tachomaster

This page will help guide you through uploading your first Driver Card and viewing the data online.

Before following the instructions in this guide you will need to have a Tachomaster account. If you do not already have an account, you can sign up for a 28 Day Free Trial on the Sign Up page.

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Uploading Your First Driver Card

Before continuing, ensure you have connected your Smart Card Reader and that it has been successfully installed.

To upload a Driver Card you can either download and use the Tachomaster Client, or use the Java enabled Online Card Reader.

Using the Tachomaster Client

The Tachomaster Client requires Microsoft Windows. To upload a Driver Card with an Apple computer, follow the [Online Card Reader](#online) guide.
Setting up the Tachomaster Client

If you have already installed the Tachomaster Client, you can skip this step.

Firstly, you will need to download the Tachomaster Client. Follow the instructions on the Install page for help installing the software.

Once you have successfully installed the Tachomaster Client open the application and you will be presented with a Setup box as follows:

Tachomaster Client - Setup

After a few moments the first-time setup is complete and you will be prompted with a Login window.

Login and Download a Driver Card

Log in to Tachomaster using your account username and password:

Tachomaster Client - Log In

You will be presented with the main Tachomaster Client window with the application menu down the left hand side.

Tachomaster Client - Card Download

When you see the screen above you are ready to insert a Driver Card to be read.

Wait while the Driver Card is read. As Tachomaster has not seen this Driver before there is some initial setup to perform on the driver.

Tachomaster Client - New Card

Take care to fill in all details correctly and click OK when you are done setting up the new Driver.

You have now successfully uploaded the Driver Card to Tachomaster

You will return to the Digital Card Reader and be presented with the Quick Analysis Screen. This view gives you a quick overview of the data that has just been uploaded to Tachomaster - this view is in no way exhaustive, but will bring to light any major Infringements and display a working pattern.

Tachomaster Client - Quick Analysis

Now that you have completed a Driver Card upload, you can view the data on the Tachomaster Website.

Viewing Your Data

There are various ways to view the data on Tachomaster, depending on your preferences and requirements. For this introduction we will concentrate on viewing the Worker Calendar to give an overview of your newly updated Worker data.

Log in to the Web Site

Log in to the Tachomaster Website with your Tachomaster User details.

View the Worker Calendar

Main Menu - Worker Calendar

The following screen allows you to select the Worker you wish to view.

You will now be presented with the Worker Calendar:

Worker Calendar - Tachograph

The Calendar displays above it the last time the Driver Card was read for the Driver.

The main Calendar view displays the Tachograph times as read from the Driver Card. Each day shows 4 lines for Other Work, Driving, Rest and Availability respectively. If you see any red days here (like in the image above), those days contain EU Tachograph Infringements.

Worker Calendar - WTD

The WTD tab displays the times as seen by the Working Time Directive. Simply put, the times are the values of Other Work and Drive added together. Any red lines on this calendar identify WTD Infringements.

Worker Calendar - Rest

The Rest Calendar shows daily and weekly rest periods along with their duration. Colours other than the blue and green of regular Week Rest and regular Daily Rest indicate specific cases and will be labelled.

This is a very light overview of the Worker Calender. To venture further in to the data try:

More information can be found in the Worker Calendar Tutorial.

Looking for more?

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