DCRS Introduction

The Driver Compliance Reporting System provides an entirely new way to manage your Driver's performance.

Using a score based system a Driver accrues a user defined number of points per infringement. On reaching a certain number of points they reach a new level and a procedure is raised. The procedure will display the necessary action to be carried out to the user.

The number of points, levels, procedures and actions are all customisable within Tachomaster allowing you to refine the settings to your own requirements.

Infringements may be excluded from DCRS by marking them as being caused by Unforeseen Events or Manual Infringements may be added.

Overview of a Worker in DCRS

Look at the chart below:

DCRS Chart

The number of points required to go up each Level is customisable. In the example above, 4 points is required for each Level until Level 6 - which requires 5 points. After 3 months of no infringements the worker moves down to the previous Level.

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