DCRS Ledger


The DCRS Ledger is a history of events that have taken place for a single worker. The ledger displays infringements that have led to a points change, months where no infringements took place and more. Below we will take a look at some examples.

The Ledger can be accessed through the Worker detail screen in DCRS and the View Ledger button in the Summary section.

Viewing Ledger Entries

An example of a ledger looks like this:

DCRS Ledger

The ledger is displayed in reverse chronological order, the most recent events at the top. Each row represents an event that may or may not have an effect on the points in DCRS. There are 3 different colours representing different types of events:

Note that figures in this table are the figures at the time the worker was processed. Point Values, Level requirements and Infringement inclusion may have been updated since a record was created.

A green row indicates that a month has passed with no infringements, counting towards the clean month total for the level the worker is on. Once they have the required number of clean months, they will move down a level.

DCRS Ledger - Clean Month

An orange row represents an infringement that has been excluded from DCRS processing, this may be for a number of reasons:

DCRS Ledger - Created after

DCRS Ledger - Unforeseen

DCRS Ledger - Not Employed

These rows will show the Points Value in brackets, indicating the value the infringement was set to at that time but also that it was not added to the worker's Point Total.

If you see the label Infringement disabled in DCRS against an infringement that infringement has been disabled in DCRS Settings.

White rows represent events where points are valid and added on to the worker's DCRS total. Rows that have an effect on the worker's level will look like this:

DCRS Ledger - Level Change

Notice in the level column the number of level gains is shown in brackets. You may sometimes see rows with a message in the information column:

DCRS Ledger - Removed after