Linked Days

The term Linked Day is used to show where a driver has entered manual entries onto the driver card but has not entered a end or start of shift/duty.

Tachomaster has a number of settings which can help your company deal with these events that suits your operation. Most companies will have settings that add end and start of duties each side of a period of rest/break that exceeds 9 hours with no interruptions (ie drive, work or POA). Please contact a your Tachomaster administrator from within your own organisation to confirm what settings have been made.

Company Settings

The default settings as above add end and start of duty when a driver leaves the card in overnight (Rest Only is the default) and will also will also change where a driver adds a manual entry and no end and start of duty.

If the generate warnings for linked days is checked yes then a linked day warning line will appear on a drivers Tachomaster day view as shown here.

Enabled Linked Days Warning

Day View Warning

If the generate warnings for linked days is set to no but your settings ask for the amendment to be made then no warning is generated but a little black dot is still shown on the first event after the addition.

Day View Warning

If work or POA have been added by the driver and you wish to amend the detail to correct a drivers’ working time please see the [Manual Entry Correction Tutorial](/project/tachomaster/tutorials/manualentrycorrection/) to add an end of duty and driver warning.