Manual Infringements

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It is possible in Tachomaster to add user customisable Infringements, Warnings and Notes to a Worker's Day. We call these as a whole, Manual Infringements. These types of events do not cause increased points in regular Tachomaster reports (for example the Management Report or Infringement Letters) but do show in the Worker Calendar and DCRS.

Manual Infringement Set-Up

You can add and amend the Manual Infringements available through the main menu -> Tools -> Add/Amend -> Manual Infringements:


From this screen you can see any existing Manual Infringements. The Type can be one of Infringement, Warning or Note and the number of points define what effect it will have on DCRS (if enabled).

Manual Infringement List

From here you can click Add new Manual Infringement.

New Manual Infringement

To add a new Manual Infringement:

Manual Infringement - New

Click Save when done.

Add New Manual Infringement to Worker

Enter a new Manual Infringement against a worker through the Calendar Tacho Day View. With the list of activites, hover over a tachograph activity and see the pin appear on the right hand side:

Manual Infringement - Day View

Click this pin.

You will now be presented with a form to enter the details - the time will have been filled out for you at the time of the activity you clicked.

Manual Infringement - Add Infringement

Select the Infringement, Warning or Note from the list and enter a Comment - click Save when done.

Tachomaster will now parse the new information to bring everything up to date, this can on occasion take a minute or so.

Manual Infringement - Saved

Refresh the page after a few moments and when the data is processed you will see your new infringement in the list of activities:

Manual Infringement - Added

User Permissions

The ability to add/amend Manual Infringements and to add Manual Infringements to workers is controlled by the User Profiles. 2 entries exist for Manual Infringements: