Unforeseen Events

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Infringements may be raised due to a reason out of the control, or unforeseen, by the driver or the Transport Manager. For this reason, Tachomaster allows users to mark an Infringement or Warning as "unforeseen". This does not affect regular Tachomaster reports (for example the Management Report or Infringement Letters) but does show in the Worker Calendar and affect DCRS points.

An Unforeseen Event can exist in 1 of 3 states, which can affect DCRS points in 2 ways:

The process of marking an Unforeseen Event can involve more than 1 person. A user may have permission to mark an infringement as unforeseen, but not have permission to authorise it - in which case no changes to DCRS points will take place. If that is the case, another user will have access to a list of unforeseen events where they can Authorise or Reject the request.

Marking an Infringement as Unforeseen

To mark an Infringement as unforeseen you must locate the Infringement in the Worker Calendar Tacho Day View and click to view it's details.

You will be presented with a window similar to this:

Unforeseen Infringement - Mark

Click Mark as unforeseen to start the process.

The next screen is the Unforeseen Events form, this needs filling out carefully as another user may be responsible for authorising this event and will need as much information as possible.

Unforeseen Infringement - Form

Depending on your User Profile, you may or may not have the field for 'Authorised Comment' or the additional status of 'Authorised'

The vehicle will have been filled out automatically if present on the infringement. Fill out the remaining fields and click Save when done.


The following screen will give you an overview of the information you entered and alos allow you to print a PDF version of the event - you may need to hand this to a user to authorise the event.

Unforeseen Infringement - Print

User Permissions

The ability to mark an infringement as unforeseen and to authorise Provisional unforeseen events is controlled by the User Profiles. 2 entries exist for Unforeseen Events: