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The Worker Calendar may be seen as the central location for Tachomaster data. From the Worker Calendar it's possible to view driver activity, tachograph and WTD infringements, speeding and other warnings, leave information and more.

The Worker Calendar can be accessed from the main menu in Calendar -> Worker Calendar. The first screen you see when going to the Worker Calendar is the worker selection screen, select a worker to continue to the calendar.

Calendar Overview

The Worker Calendar holds a lot of information and is broken down into seperate areas to make finding what you need easy. We will look in to each of the areas further down. The 3 calendar tabs of Tacho, WTD and Rest all share the same calendar layout. Note that the calendar also shows the previous and next month where they overlap the weeks in the month you have selected - the data in these cells will be shaded grey.

All 3 tabs display days where a Worker is marked as "on leave". "Annual Leave", "Sick" and "Rest Day" are examples of Leave Types available in Tachomaster."

Leave Annual Leave Leave Sick Leave Rest Day

On both the Tacho and WTD tabs an extra column provides weekly totals, along with the week number.

Worker Calendar - Week Cell Worker Calendar - Week Cell

Agency and Casual

Agency and Casual workers may be marked as not working for you on selected days. This means you will not see a breakdown of activity or any infringements that may have occured on those days.

The Worker Calendar _does_ display information on a day where there was Drive or Work to help you better understand what work that driver has undertaken. An example of a day not worked for you, but with drive or work, looks like this:

![Worker Calendar - Drive Elsewhere](/images/screen/calworker/day_elsewhere.png) ![Worker Calendar - Work Elsewhere](/images/screen/calworker/day_elsewhere_w.png)

Working Time Summary

The first item on the Worker Calendar is the Working Time Summary box. This gives you a quick overview of the current Working Time Directive reference period.

Title Description
Reference Period Current reference period length. If using a fixed period, this will be the number of weeks into it
Weeks Week numbers covered by the reference period
Total time available this week Hours available according to Working Time Directive rules
Total time worked Total time worked within the reference period
Average time/week Average number of hours worked per week during the reference period. This should not be more than 48
Time available next week Hours available next week taking into account hours worked so far in the reference period and current week

Worker Calendar - Summary

The Tacho Tab

Worker Calendar - Tacho

The Tacho tab main focus is on tachograph data (driver, work, availability and rest). Where a day has activity, each cell contains times for Work (Work), Drive (Drive), Rest (Rest) and Availability (Available).

A single day may also have other data attached to it. In the image below the red day indicates an infringement, more details of an infringement can be seeen by clicking on a day. A pink day, or a pink bar on a day, indicates there is a Warning on that day. A Warning may be a harsh braking or speeding event or a Warning that has been added manually.

Calendar Days Calendar Day - Warning

Also notable on a single day are the letters in the top right hand corner. These indicate where the data for that day came from: D = Digital Tachograph, W = WTD, A = Analogue Chart, V = Vehicle Unit.

The WTD Tab

Worker Calendar - WTD

The WTD tab shows a simpler view than the Tacho tab. Work and Drive are both seen the same in the WTD rules so just one row will appear in a day that has work on it - displaying the total work time. This work time is then totalled in the Week Total column.

WTD Infringements are indicated by icons, the day below has a Work Period Exceeded infringement:

Worker Calendar - WTD Infringement

The Rest Tab

Worker Calendar - Rest

The Rest tab displays daily and weekly rest information. Noticably, it shows where a driver has had a reduced weekly rest or a short daily rest - giving you a better idea of how best to utilise the driver.

A reduced weekly rest is displayed as a red bar that will span across multiple days. Hovering the mouse over this reduced period will highlight where the compensation was taken (if taken at all):

Worker Calendar - Rest Reduced

Beneath the calendar details of the compensation are shown:

Worker Calendar - Rest Compensation

For a more detailed look at weekly rest, use the Weekly Rest Calendar - a link is provided at the top of the Rest Calendar.

Adding Leave

It is common to require days to be filled, no matter whether they are worked or not. An empty day is commonly known as a Missing Day. Leave Types are used to fill these empty days and can be added directly from the Worker Calendar.

Right Clicking

The quickest way to add the most common types of leave is to right-click on any day and select the type from the menu that appears:

Worker Calendar - Right-click Menu

The following is available from this menu:

Add/Remove Annual Leave
Adds Annual Leave - counting as 8 hours towards the WTD where appropriate
Add/Remove Annual Leave (zero hours)
Adds Annual Leave - does not count towards WTD hours
Add/Remove Rest Day
Fills a day in so as not to be a Missing Day
Add/Remove Sick Day
Adds 1 day Sick - counting as 8 hours towards the WTD where appropriate
Mark/Clear Expect Data
For Agency and Casual workers it can be useful to mark a day where you are expecting data. This pro-actively marks the day as working for you. This can also be used to convert a day worked elsewhere to a day worked for you
Start/End Range
Select this option on one day, and right-click another day and click the same option - this will highlight both days and all inbetween. You can then right click any highlighted day and add leave at once
Clear Range
Clears the highlighted range
Edit Day
Navigate to the Edit Day screen for adding manual times.

Select Multiple Days

Above and to the right of the Calendar is a Select Multiple Days button. Clicking this enables a mode to select any number of days to add leave to. Once in the multiple days mode you can just left-click any days to highlight them. When the desired days are highlighted select the Leave Type and click DONE:

Worker Calendar - Multiple Days

Options Menu

If you need to add a large range of leave to a single worker it is easiest to use the Add/Amend Leave Leave Dates facility on the Options menu - in the top right hand corner.

Worker Calendar - Options

The Options menu has other uses too:

Edit Worker
Navigate to the Edit Worker screen
Change Worker
Go back to the worker selection screen
Display Worker Summary
Navigate to the Worker Summary
Show Summary
Toggle the Working Time Summary above the calendar
Show Charts
When an analogue chart is scanned it is given the default location of being with the driver (as a driver has to keep these for a fixed period). Ticking this option will display the chart location on the calendar and allow you to update it quickly.

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